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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation presents an opportunity for us to uncover areas for possible cost reduction and increasing overall operational efficiencies within your organization. During the initial consultation we perform a thorough needs analysis of your business in four core areas which are payroll and tax compliance, human resources, risk and safety management including potential liabilities, and employee benefits.

Flexible Design

Unlike the traditional “one size fits all” mentality, we understand that all businesses are different and each have their own unique needs and objectives. Whether your business needs a full suite of bundled HR solutions or an individual HR solution, we have you covered. From payroll and tax compliance to human resources management, or risk and safety management to a complete suite of insurance solutions, we will help you design a flexible and cost effective solution for your business.

Detailed Analysis

We thrive on creating efficiencies for our clients. We achieve this by gaining a clear understanding of your business and business operations. A detailed analysis will allow us to get a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives as well as identify anything that would stand in the way of achieving those goals. From our analysis we will be able to make recommendations intended to help your business operate more effectively while giving you more time to focus on your business.

Client Implementation

At Omega Consulting, we realize one of the most important steps in our new relationship with you is a smooth and seamless on-boarding transition. Our on-boarding team provides all the necessary training and support to get you and your staff up and running as efficiently as possible. Once on-boarding has been completed, you will be assigned to a dedicated staff expert who will be your single point of contact and ensure we are consistently exceeding your expectations.