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Our Services

1. Omega Consulting provide Physical Security Consulting such as :-

  • Security Master Planning 

  • Security Audit/Study

  • Security Planning & Design

  • Command & Control

  • Threat Vulnerabilities & Risk Assessment

  • Security Audit

  • System Integration



2. Total Security Solutions – Intelligent Video Analytics & Robotics

Our security process starts with an in-depth security risk analysis of our client’s assets.


Omega Consulting’s technical solutions team has developed a simplified platform that allows seamless integration with your existing CCTV infrastructure. The idea behind our technical solutions is to reduce operating costs in terms of manpower deployed by adopting technology to replace manpower – such as the Autonomous Security and Surveillance Vehicle (ASSV).


Our ASSV will capture and transmit the video images and send it to our VA platform for analysis.  We provide intelligent video analytics such as:-

  • People Counting – provide information to help with your security deployment

  • Human Traffic Flow – track the movements of people at pre-defined areas

  • Crowd Density – identify areas with high density to facilitate evacuation planning

  • Face Indexing – for identification purposes

  • Intrusion Detection – Identify high security zones and notification when intrusion is detected

  • Loitering Detection – detects loitering by tracking the amount of time a person spend at a location

  • Perimeter Defense – Prevents unwanted movements at pre-defined sensitive areas and alerts when the boundaries are breached

  • Camera Tampering – Alerts when CCTVs are tampered

  • Count Limit Detection – Determine the number of people in a pre-defined area and alert when a pre-determine number is exceeded